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Sunday, December 30, 2007

December Knitting...all thanks to stress!

Delaney's first Calorimetry was from a vintage cotton yarn, so another is in the works for a winter version. Until then, she does like this one!

Vicky gets an Edgar Ascot...or scarf-let either way I ran out of yarn!

Garrett's knee socks are coming along...but they weren't done by Christmas time.

My Malabrigo skein has become a fantastic hat! Thank you Lela, I love it!

Mountain Colors Edgar...this is for ME! I will be making a hat and mitts to match, but they will come later.

Belated MEME: GROSS posting

Ah...although it may have seemed I was ignoring being tagged (Thank you Wendy!) I was really just trying to think of the 8 things I would need to share. This isn't going to be easy, but here goes!

1) Most of my Gross postings will come back to this main fact: I have lost the majority of my sense of smell. The Ear-Nose-Throat Specialist tells me it is probably due to a virus, but I find that is usually the culprit when doctors just don't know.

2) Like Wendy, I wake up with some nasty post nasal gunk, but mine never seems to go away. My nasal cavities tend to become infected easily unless I keep it as clear as possible.

3) Breathing through my nose is asking me to suffocate. I'm sorry if I snore...really!

4) I usually get the job of cleaning the fridge, toilets, cat box (we only have one when the temps are below zero), and or any other sticky job...remember I won't smell it until the job is done...if at all.

5) I can't stand bumps. Any bump tends to attract my fingernails, so I always try to keep a band-aide with me.

6) Crud, I need 3 more. Hmmm...well, guess who gets to clean up if the kids or the animals gets sick? You know why right?

7) There are certain smells which are still 'there' for me. Unfortunately they aren't normal smells. I know when someone has been drinking, smoking (yes, that too), working in the shop, and if you got cut while in the shop. Electrical wiring is also a smell I catch, but I can't say it is one I want to smell while on a trip!

8) Once I start scratching, it is hard to stop. In this winter dry weather, I don't even want to think about it!

OH my, now I need to tag 3 people. Hmmm...well, I hope Grammieknits, Luvs2knit, tuabella will play!

Monday, December 24, 2007

Our Tree!

As Garrett is recovering from his wisdom teeth extraction, Delaney and her dad went up onto the switchbacks to get our Christmas tree. Once it was here, we placed it in the family room...which meant the table had to be moved first. (Garrett and I took care of that.) The kids decorated it up with lights and their ornaments, while I contributed the gold beads. As we applied the finishing touches, both kids were thinking about next year when Garrett will be away at college. OH my, we will have to get more decorations for him at the after Christmas sales!

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Last Week was the CMR Wrestling Classic

So my family spent Friday through Sunday in Great Falls. Friday was full of excitement as schools from all over Montana came together so their wrestlers could see who would be the best of the many different classes. Not all of our CJI wrestlers could be on the mat, but Garrett, Bradley, and Ian were. Garrett wrestled 135, Bradley was at 119, and Ian began his wrestling career as a heavy weight. This was a tough place to have as your first match ever. My photos will be forthcoming!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Friday's Feast

I"m off to a Wrestling Meet first thing Friday, so I'll post this late Thursday Evening. Perhaps we could find the mean of my last late post and this early post?

Make up a word and give us its definition.

My word will be Crat. It is most useful when the wrestler crams their opponent to the mat.

What is currently your favorite song?

Any song which covers up the humming of my classroom's florescent lights. I can't stand that sound!

What’s at the top of your Christmas wish list this year?

I wish for healthy parents...that would make my Christmas perfect.

Main Course
Name a scent that reminds you of someone special in your life.

Cinnamon and Vanilla...they remind me of baking with Great Grandma Rosie. I miss you!

Who is someone on television that you feel probably shouldn’t be, and why?

We should all work to make the world a better place...I just don't understand Paris Hilton or Britney Spears.

Enjoy the feast! And Go Hawks!

Saturday, December 08, 2007

Hot Chocolate!

This Cocoa Swap looks like it should be a great way to bring a smile to my face. My dd will enjoy getting everything all together also.

Belated Friday's Feast

What was the last game you purchased?

Othello! I even picked up one for my classroom AND another for a gift later. I love that game.

Name something in which you don’t believe.

I do not believe a person's mathematical ability has anything to do with their ancestors. I understand there are many people in the world who would like to blame their parents for a calculating error, but genetics just can't determine a students ability, or lack of ability, to do math.

If you could choose a celebrity to be your boss, who would you pick?

Trac Atkins...I just heard his interview on Crook and Chase...he seems honest in his answers.

Main Course
What was a lesson you had to learn the hard way?

Don't step too close to the edge of the really can fall off. Recently my world seems to have blown up, BUT it is up to me to climb back on, tighten the straps, and hold on through the buzzer. (NRA is on in Las Vegas...yep, we aren't down there! Let the bull riding begin.)

Describe your idea of the perfect relaxation room.

Hmmm...I had always dreamed this would be a bathroom with a huge tub, candles, boston fern, and a kitty cat. Recently I have begun thinking a rocking chair and my knitting would be all I need to relax. Oh, perhaps some tea too!

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Christmas Quiz!

You Are a Snowman

Friendly and fun, you enjoy bringing holiday cheer to everyone you know!

Friday, November 30, 2007

Friday's Feast!

What is your favorite carnival/amusement park ride?

My favorite ride would have to be the go carts! Give me speed and a corner...yeppers, that is fun!

How do you react in uncomfortable social situations?

You will find me alongside the edge of the group knitting away on a project. The more stressful, the faster I will be knitting.

On a scale of 1-10 with 10 being highest, how much do you enjoy discussing deep, philosophical topics?

Ah...this conversation couldn't be with just anyone as I wouldn't enter into this conversation with just anyone. So my scale would range from 10 to non-existent...depending on the person!

Main Course
Did you get a flu shot this year? If not, do you plan to?

I did not get a flu shot...nor have I ever gotten one.

Approximately how many hours per week do you spend watching television?

Ah...I can find a gray area in this question. I tend to have the tv on, but I'm not normally watching it. I like the background noise. Still, I will probably make it a point to sit in the same room as the tv for around 8 hours a week. That is usually where I find my family, so I do make it a point to visit!

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Betty's Birthday!

I tried to have this done on Betty's birthday, November 6, but I finished it one day late. My wishes were on time, though!

Smile Birthday Girl!

Smile pretty Betty and Richard! I'm posting this for Cassie, so she can see her grandparents while she is traveling around the world. You can see her latest adventures at Adventures of Pookie and Bo Diddly.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Whoduknit Trick or Treat - Thank you Deb!

I am so far behind, I do believe I am being lapped. First I was going to write about all the fantastic treats I received, while planning to put the images up later. Unfortunately, I couldn't get the I have the camera, and I can't find my previous post. I could have swore I saved it...

Alas, you can see all the beauty, but the details will need to be filled in...I'm actually at home tonight!

Friday, November 02, 2007

Friday's Feast

How much money do you plan to spend this upcoming holiday season?

Plan? Is that possible?

What was the last television show you watched, and was it good?

I watched Y&R...and as I had today off from school, it was VERY good! (Our Volleyball girls are in tournaments today, so the teachers did our parent/teacher's conferences Monday and Tuesday evenings. I"m pooped!)

If you had to paint the walls of your living room tomorrow, what color would you choose?

Dark Sage Green. It would actually match the kitchen...I like how it shows off the colors of the woodwork and texture on my walls. I should share that the texture includes the head mounts of the antelope, deer, and pheasant my family seems to be so proud of...I just need to figure out how to vac them!

Main Course
Name something clever or practical you have thought of that should be invented, but hasn’t yet.

My invention/idea is for the transporting of all the necessary electronic cables/cords between home, work, and the apartment. Those nasties sure can get tangled up without my container!

List 3 things you would like to receive as gifts this upcoming holiday season.

Yarn, books, and a new printer!

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Deer Season 2007

I'm afraid my dear son will have an unrealistic view of what hunting really saw his antelope, well, he did it again with this deer. There as some major excitement in his eyes as he came back from the field without a rifle and or hunter orange. Still, he had good reason to be excited!

2007 Teacher's Conference - Belgrade

I'll be adding the details ASAP!

Sunday, October 14, 2007

October Photo Session

Pose number 1

Pose number 2

Pose number 3

Pose number 4

Oh, there are more...this Mom had LOTS of fun!

K1T2 are the best!

I LOVE this travel mug! I have taken it to school and shared it with all my students, teacher friends, and now it is at home so that I can share it with my family. Thank you so very much! (I would love to make on for my parents...would you mind sharing where you purchased the mug? I need some!)

I have tried the white tea with tangerine (yum!) and I know I will love the jasmine as well as the Bedtime tea. How did you know I was in need of more herbal/calming tea? (Could you hear the blood pounding in my ears also? WOW, that is really stressed!)

I"m making the scones next week...I can hardly wait! Then add in chocolate and the jelly...yum!

This book is full of inspiration...but to finally touch, hold, and OWN this lovely yarn...I'm in awe. Thank you! I am thinking of mitts for the classroom. It is always cold in there.

As if I wasn't spoiled enough, the organizers, candle and stitch markers have left me speechless. That is a tough feet to accomplish!

Thank you!

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Opening Day of Hunting Season

Both Rick and Garrett went out...and here is what they brought back!

Friday, September 28, 2007

Homecoming Spirit Week

Garrett was one of the winners of Western Wednesday. The chaps are cousin Chad's, the duster is from Wallace (who got it from Lloyd Oswood), with the rest of the outfit being his own clothing. The Seniors even won the dress up contest...way cool!

I was lucky enough to get to be with Delaney as her class constructed their float. Seeing how hard some of her classmates worked really gave this mom/adviser warm feelings!

Delaney and Garret for disco Tuesday. It is good to show spirit!

The boys went all out to show their spirit at the girl's volleyball game. Then there was Callan...sort of reminds me of the KISS Gene Simmons.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Congratulations Anna and Aaron!

Baking and decorating a cake while also teaching school and taking classes is a juggle. Still, I'm happy with the results! I just need to get rid of the stressed knot between my shoulder blade and spine. Ouch!

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Branching Out

I frogged and restarted my Branching Out Scarf. On my first attempt, I learned the importance of a life my new tried and true technique is to use my 16 inch Knit Picks Circular needle as my portable life line. I am 5 pattern repeats into the scarf, and I realize it will not be a portable knit for my week of study hall or hall duty. Hmmm...I like the knitting, yet it isn't one that I have been able to put on automatic pilot. Still, while I have been knitting it, I decided to view the completed or works in progress on Ravelry. There are (are you ready for this?) 48 pages of these scarves! Let's do the math...10 per page...yep, almost 480 scarves have photos. There are 554 total Branching Out scarves which are on the site...that counts those projects with and without photos. One of the without photos is mine. I'll have to fix that!

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Bob is my Friend!

Okay, you might need to be on Ravelry in order for you to fully appreciate the glory of being a friend of Bob's, but I am just buzzing with the thought of the joys. Bob, along with Jessie and Casey, is my hero. Nuf said.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Okay, this may not seem possible, but when given the opportunity, you are able to play tag through the mail! I was/am a member of Dish Rag Tag found at Yarn Miracle. Our box has had its fair share of hurdles to overcome, but we are an amazing group of Dish Rag Divas! Yesterday, right before noon, I called the post office to see if the box was in. IT WAS! I had taken my knitting needles to the my plan was to quickly eat lunch, walk to the post office and back, then use the remaining 2 classes to quickly knit the cloth, package it up, and mail it back.

That WAS the plan. It was working fairly well...up until my principal decided to walk through the 8th grade math lesson on solving addition and subtraction equations. We had done the explanations, practices, reviews,..the students were practicing, so I was walking around knitting. This let me view what they were doing, while I could work on the rapidly increasing orange cloth. I'll have to admit I wasn't able to get it done before the mail leaves Chester at 4:15 PM.

I was able to finish it up today. (I did lots of homework last I wasn't able to knit.) It is officially on its way...and NOW I remember I forgot to weave in 2 ends. Crud. This too shall pass!

Friday, September 07, 2007

Remember when?

Yeppers, although we are completing our 3rd Friday at school, I am still trying to remember where my summer went. Why does this photo feel like so long ago?

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Finally, Kids and their Steers!

Dear Delaney and her adorable steer!

Garrett and Avalanche...what a pair!

Monday, September 03, 2007


Photo number one...yes, this young lad is now a Senior in High School.

My Patronus is:

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Saturday, September 01, 2007

Weekend Baking

Here is what kept me busy today!

Our last first day of school photo with all 3 of us. Nope, I didn't cry...but I thought about it.

And here are Mom's socks...they kept me busy too. I finished these on my birthday, and she should receive them on my brother's birthday. After all, we have these birthdays because of Mom and Dad!

Friday, August 31, 2007

Friday's Feast #3

Who is the easiest person for you to talk to?

Vicky. We met while attending classes at the UofM in Missoula. It seems I had the umbrella, it was raining, and we had to go across the oval. We have stood up for each other at our weddings and so many other instances that I can't go into...girls have to have their secrets!

If you could live in any ancient city during the height of the quality of its society and culture, which one would you choose?

I understand this answer would depict a certain historical time period, but I don't live in a city and there isn't a historical time period which would make me want to live in a city. I'm just fine with the now.

What is the most exciting event you’ve ever witnessed?

Hands down, this had to be the state wrestling tournament in Billings. Amazing!

Main Course
If you were a celebrity, what would you do for a publicity stunt?

I would rather be an Oprah type celebrity and play (pay) it forward. Random Acts of Kindness help make the world a better place.

What do you consider the ideal age to have a first child?

Although it would be nice to say there is an arbitrary number which is the best time to have your first child, there is really a variable. It all depends on YOU. This can't be dictated by random rules of others.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Lime and Violet Chum!

I recently joined a mystery knitting group called Secret of the Stole. There were many others who also joined...with the majority learning of the project by listening to the Chum. This made me I searched to find this wealth of information so I wasn't missing out anymore. It even comes with a cool button!

While I was at it, I also joined Knit Wars. Golly, this is WAY too much fun!

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Back to Western Montana

This was the 3rd weekend (for me) that I was over in Western Montana. This weekend, Rick and I went over on Saturday to mow the lawn in Dayton, meet with the person who will lease Valley View, and deliver teaching materials to Nicole (the teacher at the Dayton school). The weekend before, Rick, Garrett, Jackie, Delaney, and I went over with the trailer, tent, and wave was a great weekend before school started. The weekend before was for a trip to see Mom and Dad.

I'll have to upload photos to share some of the interesting parts of August!

Friday, August 24, 2007

Friday's feast!

Say there’s a book written about your life. Who would you want to narrate the audio version? Kathleen Turner!

Take the letters from your favorite kind of nut and write a sentence.
Prisoners escape constantly and noisily.

If you could go back in time and spend one week in another decade, which decade would you choose? 1910s...I would like to see my great grandma get married in her father's rose garden. After the wedding she headed off to Montana from Missouri.

Main Course
Name a song that brings back memories for you. It's a great day to be alive - Travis Tritt

Do you prefer to wash your hands in cold water or warm water? Warm water please!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Knit 1 Tea 2 Color Swap Questionnaire

1. Do you like loose tea or bags, or both – something you want to try? Both!
2. What is your favorite kind of tea (Brand, flavor, variety, etc)? I have found my area of Montana is behind the times when it comes to tea…okay, perhaps when it comes to anything. I’m always finding a new favorite!
3. Favorite color in regards to tea or one you would like to try? (black, green, red, and white) (keeping in mind that this is how this swap is set up). I’ve never tried red tea…but I know I am impressed with the black, green, and white teas I have tried.
4. Would you say you were a tea pot kind of person or just a hot water heater kind? I use my tea pot when I have time, but lately I seem to be more of the hot water heater kind of person (along with my Teavana Perfect Tea Maker).
5. What tea accessories would you like but have never purchases for yourself? I really don’t know…a surprise?
6. How do you prefer to be pampered? (examples: mani/pedi, bubble bath, yummy treat, etc). Vanilla…the scent spells pamper to me in any form.
7. If you were a kind of yarn what would you be and why? I would be a blend of wool and silk…strong, sturdy, and soft, yet with a sheen for excitement.
8. If you had to knit/crochet baby booties, a fun fur scarf, or a fair isle sweater, which would you choose and why? I would knit the baby booties because that would be a portable quick project! Quick satisfaction works for me!
9. What other event would make you skip a tea party? (A garden party? A book club meeting? A yoga class? Opening night for a new action thriller? etc?) Probably having to move trucks in the field for my hubby…or some other family need.
10. What treat would you consider essential at your tea party? (Sweet? Salty? Scones? Those petite pastry trays with a couple of all sorts of things? Little crust less sandwiches?)Grandma always had rose mints...they would be perfect!
11. When buying yarn for a project how do you choose - do you buy the one called for or do you substitute? Oh I substitute…it makes the project more ‘mine’.
12. What do you carry your knitting/crocheting in when on the go? I have just purchased a sock bag…but before then I have a love of canvas bags!
13. Favorite movie to watch while knitting/crocheting? Anything with action and/or suspense!
14. Are you a traditional tea cup kind of person or a mug type of person? Do you care if they match? Mugs for me! Oh, and the bigger the better! Still, I love my tea cup and saucer pairs. They are for times of memories so I use them with my daughter…that reminds me we need a tea party before school begins. Matching is cool, but I’m flexible.
15. Favorite childhood birthday party? I really can’t remember many childhood birthday parties.
16. Favorite type of scone and jam? Apple/Cinnamon scones…or any warm scone…and raspberry seedless jam…huckleberry is also good!
17. If you use candles, what is your favorite scent? Vanilla or Cinnamon…my nose even likes them! (allergies)
18. If you could choose 3 people to have 'tea' with, who would they be and why? (famous or not, living or dead). Grandma Rosie – I miss our time together; Delaney - my dear daughter; Marian – Mom needs some hugs
19. You've been invited to a tea party, what 'props' will you wear (formal or casual)? I would dress up in a casual sort of way.
20. Any allergies/preferences you have or are willing to admit to? No mohair please, but other than that my partner would not need to worry about anything.
21. Anything we missed that you want your pal to know? I would love to visit and get to know you!


Oh boy, this is a site where many hours can be spent. Unfortunately, I now understand what others before me have takes time away from other uses. I have to finish Kirk's sweater vest as he heads off to Gonzaga this Friday. I'll reward myself with a trip to Ravelry AFTER the vest is all done. Perhaps that will help me get those ends tied off?!

Text Books are IN!

Well, the new books for the 8th grade were in last March, but there were no resources or any 7th grade materials. I have just learned those 7th grade books have arrived, so now I should really get on the ball and find out what the 1st week of 8th grade will entail. Luckily, I had this great group as 7th we should be able to go far!

Monday, August 13, 2007

Psst...did you know...

I'm going to be random? This will not surprise those who know the artsy side of me, but it may make those who know the mathematical side of me question how this could happen. Don't stress...let it flow!

Did you know #1
I'm currently working on 2 different toe up socks. No I did not plan it, but when I went to see my Mom and Dad, I had left my current sock here at home, so I started another one.

Did you know #2
I also have a top down sock on the needles.

Did you know #3
I went to visit my Mom and Dad. I headed over last Friday, stopped by Pablo to get an electric work order, and arrived in Charlo around 5 PM. We visited a lot, and I came home on Sunday.

Did you know #4
When I was in Charlo, I found out Jim, Doreen, and Nick were moving to Butte. (Wanda is there already.)

Did you know #5
I signed up for Ravelry June 7th, and I got my invite August 3rd...I"m THRILLED!
Oh, it also can take up time...but it is oh so enjoyable!

I'll get more posted later, the guys are in from the fields so it is supper time in Montana!

Friday, August 10, 2007

Friday's first!

What is your favorite kind of pie?

Today, it would be German Chocolate Cream Pie, but that may be different tomorrow.

Name something that made you smile this week.

Watching Sue and Donna jog up the hill to then jump in the back of the Tahoe...priceless!

What do you do to cool off when the weather is hot and humid?

Hot is a concept I am familiar with...put on shorts, stick my feet in water, and stay out of the sun. Humidity...hey, this concept I am not as familiar with...I"ll talk all the hints I can get!

Main Course
You receive $1,000 in the mail with a letter that says you can only use the money to redecorate one room in your home. Which room do you pick, and what do you buy to spruce it up?

I would use it on the room I am in right now. The 3 windows to the west would become only one wouldn't be as low to the ground so I could actually have furniture in front of it. Then I would re-shelf the pantry...and maybe get rid of that glorified dust catcher/half wall.

Fill in the blank: My _________ says __________, but I __________.

My heart says listen, but I find my feet keeping me far enough away that it is hard to hear.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Delaney goes to Big & Rich!

Garrett, Delaney, Jackie, Bonnie, and I ran away from harvest to attend the August 1st Montana State Fair Concert! It was a quick trip to Great Falls. We left home at 5ish, arrived in town at a bit after 8, the concert started at 9, then it was a quick trip to Walmart before we headed home. I need a nap after arriving home at 3 AM Thursday. The dear girl had her first concert...I'm so thrilled for her, but I'm even more thrilled to be a part of it. Of course, that didn't mean the adults were actually sitting BY the

Hey, it was Bonnie's first concert too! Way to go, Girl!

Hey, this must have been the 'cool' part of the evening. This was the lowest temps of the fair, but with the number of people attending the concert, it was amazingly HOT. I"m glad there wasn't an after shot!

Cowboy Troy opened.

Oh my, whose bike?