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Monday, August 13, 2007

Psst...did you know...

I'm going to be random? This will not surprise those who know the artsy side of me, but it may make those who know the mathematical side of me question how this could happen. Don't stress...let it flow!

Did you know #1
I'm currently working on 2 different toe up socks. No I did not plan it, but when I went to see my Mom and Dad, I had left my current sock here at home, so I started another one.

Did you know #2
I also have a top down sock on the needles.

Did you know #3
I went to visit my Mom and Dad. I headed over last Friday, stopped by Pablo to get an electric work order, and arrived in Charlo around 5 PM. We visited a lot, and I came home on Sunday.

Did you know #4
When I was in Charlo, I found out Jim, Doreen, and Nick were moving to Butte. (Wanda is there already.)

Did you know #5
I signed up for Ravelry June 7th, and I got my invite August 3rd...I"m THRILLED!
Oh, it also can take up time...but it is oh so enjoyable!

I'll get more posted later, the guys are in from the fields so it is supper time in Montana!

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