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Friday, September 28, 2007

Homecoming Spirit Week

Garrett was one of the winners of Western Wednesday. The chaps are cousin Chad's, the duster is from Wallace (who got it from Lloyd Oswood), with the rest of the outfit being his own clothing. The Seniors even won the dress up contest...way cool!

I was lucky enough to get to be with Delaney as her class constructed their float. Seeing how hard some of her classmates worked really gave this mom/adviser warm feelings!

Delaney and Garret for disco Tuesday. It is good to show spirit!

The boys went all out to show their spirit at the girl's volleyball game. Then there was Callan...sort of reminds me of the KISS Gene Simmons.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Congratulations Anna and Aaron!

Baking and decorating a cake while also teaching school and taking classes is a juggle. Still, I'm happy with the results! I just need to get rid of the stressed knot between my shoulder blade and spine. Ouch!

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Branching Out

I frogged and restarted my Branching Out Scarf. On my first attempt, I learned the importance of a life my new tried and true technique is to use my 16 inch Knit Picks Circular needle as my portable life line. I am 5 pattern repeats into the scarf, and I realize it will not be a portable knit for my week of study hall or hall duty. Hmmm...I like the knitting, yet it isn't one that I have been able to put on automatic pilot. Still, while I have been knitting it, I decided to view the completed or works in progress on Ravelry. There are (are you ready for this?) 48 pages of these scarves! Let's do the math...10 per page...yep, almost 480 scarves have photos. There are 554 total Branching Out scarves which are on the site...that counts those projects with and without photos. One of the without photos is mine. I'll have to fix that!

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Bob is my Friend!

Okay, you might need to be on Ravelry in order for you to fully appreciate the glory of being a friend of Bob's, but I am just buzzing with the thought of the joys. Bob, along with Jessie and Casey, is my hero. Nuf said.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Okay, this may not seem possible, but when given the opportunity, you are able to play tag through the mail! I was/am a member of Dish Rag Tag found at Yarn Miracle. Our box has had its fair share of hurdles to overcome, but we are an amazing group of Dish Rag Divas! Yesterday, right before noon, I called the post office to see if the box was in. IT WAS! I had taken my knitting needles to the my plan was to quickly eat lunch, walk to the post office and back, then use the remaining 2 classes to quickly knit the cloth, package it up, and mail it back.

That WAS the plan. It was working fairly well...up until my principal decided to walk through the 8th grade math lesson on solving addition and subtraction equations. We had done the explanations, practices, reviews,..the students were practicing, so I was walking around knitting. This let me view what they were doing, while I could work on the rapidly increasing orange cloth. I'll have to admit I wasn't able to get it done before the mail leaves Chester at 4:15 PM.

I was able to finish it up today. (I did lots of homework last I wasn't able to knit.) It is officially on its way...and NOW I remember I forgot to weave in 2 ends. Crud. This too shall pass!

Friday, September 07, 2007

Remember when?

Yeppers, although we are completing our 3rd Friday at school, I am still trying to remember where my summer went. Why does this photo feel like so long ago?

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Finally, Kids and their Steers!

Dear Delaney and her adorable steer!

Garrett and Avalanche...what a pair!

Monday, September 03, 2007


Photo number one...yes, this young lad is now a Senior in High School.

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Saturday, September 01, 2007

Weekend Baking

Here is what kept me busy today!

Our last first day of school photo with all 3 of us. Nope, I didn't cry...but I thought about it.

And here are Mom's socks...they kept me busy too. I finished these on my birthday, and she should receive them on my brother's birthday. After all, we have these birthdays because of Mom and Dad!