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Friday, April 25, 2008

Great Falls here we come!

Tomorrow we have a lot to do once we hit 'town'. First, I will be getting 4 by 6 prints of this photo announcement. Then there will be graduation supplies as well as Birthday supplies for Delaney. The silly girl has only mentioned that she needs new 3 ring binders.

On a bummer mode, Dad is spending the night in the hospital in Missoula. They have ruled out heart problems...but now they are trying to see where the pain in his back and arm could be coming from. This really could mean that my trip will be to Missoula instead of Great Falls.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Socks for Tonia

My sil, Tonia, has earned her own pair of hand knit socks...but she really didn't have to go to the extreme measure of fighting cancer...I would have gladly knit her a pair without that step. Of course, my next project is a little more 'personal', but if you swing by Knitty and check out the archive, you will find a very handy object for others who have battled this beast.

Tonia, may these socks give you hugs during and after your treatments...we love you!

Saturday, April 05, 2008

Prom and Flames...all in the same night!

No tux is complete without the Flames Logo!

Thank you, Dawn, for taking this family photo for us...we needed one!

Garrett and Paula...although it was sad for Paula to miss her prom, I'm sure glad she came to the prom with Garrett.

Delaney and Brad...these two were great sports! (I didn't upload the one where they turned to give this pushy mom a photo...but Thank You Both!)

These kids love their Flames...which must have helped the Flames win 7 to 1 over Vancouver! On to the Play offs!

Wee Tiny Sock comes to Montana!

Can you believe how lucky I am? I was lucky enough to have been matched up with Paula for the Hot Cocoa swap AND for the Wee Tiny Sock swap! Isn't this sock cheerful? Currently, it is dressing up the lapel of my black wool pea coat. Sure, the calendar tells us it is Spring, but in Montana, that just means it is time for another snow shower. (Really, tonight is the prom for the high school kids, so just in time we have a blowing and drifting snow watch. Fancy dresses with open toe shoes...with drifts of snow. FUN.)

UM - Helena

We arrived at the UM College of Technology in Helena so the kids would be able to view their future school. Ledge had already received his acceptance letter, but Garrett's wasn't received until we got back home to Chester. They both took the entrance test, then we headed for a tour of the 2 main buildings. LOL...this didn't take very long at all! The second building had more of what the two seniors were looking for...Tools!

At the Airport campus, Garrett was able to check out the Welding, Ledge got the Diesel Mechanics, and they also checked out the airplane mechanics, as well as the machinery classes. Wow...this could be fun.

The bookstore could use some expansion, although I found some really sweet pens for the kids.