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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Plurk Me!

Are you curious as to what Plurk is? I was...but then WendyKnits shared a cool sock pattern with her Plurk buddies...and I fell in love with the sock...well, I joined last Friday.

Wanna take a look

School is in full swing!

There are many changes besides having one less child at home. I am the Junior Class adviser...did I mention my dd is a Junior? LOL...she did okay my new assignment before I took it.

Juniors have Prom and Junior/Senior Banquet, as well as the Homecoming festivities we are beginning this next week.

The hubster has finished seeding, and has now to pick the bales, build fence, and put stuff away for fall.

The college boy is welding and forgetting how to call home.

Junior girl will be going for an ortho appt this coming Thursday, and from there we will travel down to see college boy.

Mid Term is this next Friday...and as for me, well, I'm just picking up my feet and rolling with the punches!