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Friday, April 25, 2008

Great Falls here we come!

Tomorrow we have a lot to do once we hit 'town'. First, I will be getting 4 by 6 prints of this photo announcement. Then there will be graduation supplies as well as Birthday supplies for Delaney. The silly girl has only mentioned that she needs new 3 ring binders.

On a bummer mode, Dad is spending the night in the hospital in Missoula. They have ruled out heart problems...but now they are trying to see where the pain in his back and arm could be coming from. This really could mean that my trip will be to Missoula instead of Great Falls.


Jane said...

That's a great announcement - love the pictures and that you put three different ones on it. That's an early graduation - We are a month later than that here!

Wendy said...

I hope that everything is well with your husband and that he'll soon be joining you and the kids on all your little "field trips" to get ready for the big occasions.