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Friday, July 13, 2007

July's Socktopia Socks

I am currently knitting away on Fawkes, but I was lucky enough to be a test knitter for Momma-Monkey. Here is my version of Bellatrix! This was Run Like Hell from Scout's Swag...just beautiful yarn.


ms. pixie riot said...

GORGEOUS! I lvoe that pattern.. I'm custom dyeing some yarn to knit a pair. :-) Great job and great colour!

dobarah said...

Awe shucks, thank you! I hope you post pictures of your finished product...I bet it will be gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

Hi!! I'm Jenny, I'll be mailing to you in the dishragtag and I just wanted to say that my best friend Christy is the one who 'designed' or commissioned the "Run like hell" yarn for our Hurricane Swap Party :)
Goodies on the way to you soon :)