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Monday, June 25, 2007

Thank you Louise!

I really should have taken photos of the beautifully tissue wrapped packets Louise sent to me in Montana...but somehow my inner child took over and began emptying these packets before I thought about the photo. Just look at the delicious tea AND the fabulous Teavana mug/brewing system. That thing is way cool! The little sheep is a tape measure in cute is that?! Dark were way braver than I will just have to keep in touch with me so I can send these Bronco bars your way when the weather calms down.

Did y'all see the Salted Nut Roll and Nut Goodie? They are made in Louise's home town! These swaps certainly make our world a smaller place. There were also kitty cat stitch markers...but I can't seem to make the digital camera take a close up image, drat. Then we are on to the YARN!

Isn't this skein amazing? It is Dream in Color - Smooshy sock yarn. How could I not love this stuff? Now, you may notice there is an empty space in the upper picture...that was because I knew there was another skein of yarn, but as I got the pakage last Monday, and I had to go across the mountains for a memorial service for my brother...well, when I came back on Thursday, I couldn't find that skein for ANYTHING. I wondered if I had taken it with me (things were a bit of a fuzz), so I cleaned out the vehicle, unpacked the suitcases, and still didn't find it. Next, I started house cleaning and looking in all the semi-normal places I could have placed this beautiful skein. The hubby just let me be, he probably thought I just needed to release steam over the family events...which I did, but I was avoiding even thinking about that by looking for this yarn. Finally, I moved my husband's motorcycle jacket...and there this lovely was!

That is the jacket behind it...the velcro had grabbed it so when I picked it up from my dining room table (I don't think he would have put his jacket on his mother's table...but I won't pick on him too much) it stuck and I couldn't see it. Luckily, I made him hang it up...and there was the yarn!

Thank you so much Louise ! I'm so very lucky!


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