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Sunday, June 10, 2007

Quidditch - final round


1. I was the first student to find Potter standing over Justin Finch-Fletchley after he was attacked in my second year. I accused him of being the attacker. What is my name?

Ernie MacMillan

2. I support Lord Voldemort wholeheartedly and my husband is a Death Eater. I constantly have an expression as though I have dung under my nose, according to that piece of filth: Potter. One day my master will finish him off and I would be glad to help him. Who am I?
Narcissa Malfoy

3. I owned an ice-cream parlour in Diagon Alley until I went missing in 1996. My shop showed many signs of a struggle. What is my name?

Florean Fortescue

4. In Deathly Hallows which Dursley will have something more revealed about him or her?

5. Which Weasley character will get married in Deathly Hallows?

6. Who is the Slytherin Ghost?
Bloody Baron

7. What animal can Professor McGonagall transform into?a cat

8. In the Goblet of Fire despite being underage, Harry's name is drawn from the Goblet of Fire to participate in the Triwizard Tournament. Hagrid takes Harry with him on his way to a meeting with Madame Maxime in order to warn him about the first task, battling a dragon. On the way, Harry notices that Hagrid is wearing something rather unusual (unusual for Hagrid, anyway!). What is it?
A flower in his lapel

9. In the Goblet of Fire the Triwizard Champions' first task is to face one of four dragons. Harry draws the Hungarian Horntail – the nastiest of the bunch. What does he use his wand to summon in order to help him with this task?


10. In the Half-Blood Prince Luna is commentating the Quidditch match, ". . . but now that big Hufflepuff player's got the Quaffle from, her, I can't remember his name, it's something like Bibble — no, Buggins" What was the Hufflepuff player's name?


Picture Scavenger Hunt
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Lord Voldemort
Lucius Malfoy

The poster from movie number 5

Dolores Umbridge

Ginny Weasley

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