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Sunday, May 06, 2007

Quidditch Time!

I get to answer these questions, so I am placing them here for me to edit and find...sort of an organizational thing!

Round One
1. Who isn't or hasn't been a Quidditch captain?

Cho Chang

2. Who are the Gryffindor chasers? (books 1-5)
Katie, Angela, Demelza

3. Who are the Slytherin beaters? (books 1-4)
Crabbe and Goyle

4. What type of broom isn't made anymore?

5. The Slytherin team all ride the same broom, what is it?
Nimbus 2000

6. Which of these is not a Quidditch team? Hmmmm...aren't they all?

7. Who is Head of Hufflepuff House?

Professor Sprout

8. Which Hufflepuff student is reported to have been one of the only people to have ever given Hufflepuff success?
Cedric Diggory

9. In Book 1 who was the first Hufflepuff student to be sorted?
Hannah Abbott

10. What is the emblem of Hufflepuff House?


With the images you can either post them to your blog OR if you do not know how to resize images to fit on your pages without making your blog go all wonky, you can post the link to the image that you found. Below is the list of images that must be found.

Picture of Harry, Ron, and Hermione together



Sirius Black

Uncle Vernon

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