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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

It is officially 4th Quarter!

Of course, getting grades done, into the computer, completing homework, feeding the family, cleaning, whew, it is about time it is 4th quarter! I need Spring!


bethc said...

Right there with you... we have trimesters, but had conferences this week. And I promised myself I would not get behind on my grading so I'm trying to catch up before break akkk.

Mary Lynn said...

My DH would love you . . . a teacher that actually puts the grades into the computer. He teaches 1st grade but is also the tech guru for the school, which basically means that a week before reports are run, he is the one that is constantly reminding people to get their grades in. The last progress reports went out a week late because the Spanish teacher, the Music teacher and the 4th grade teacher hadn't put their grades in.