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Sunday, March 11, 2007

From Snow, to Rapids

We went from a lovely day for building snowmen, to another lovely day where the snowmen could have washed down stream. The water came through the corrals right at Mark & Elayne's home, but we were able to dam up the flow. The culverts were over flowing, as were the resevoirs. These are some of the joys of living on a slope. Town is 30 miles to the long will it take for this water to arrive? I'll check when I get to work tomorrow...then I'll keep an update!


bethc said...

Wow! the force of nature is an amazing thing... Glad the water didn't come through your house!

dobarah said...

There is another coule of snow back behind our home...and was still white yesterday. Today there were 60+ winds which probably melted it, so I hope the water went around us. I should call home to check!

monica said...

OH, I hope the water stays away from your house. We have had some flooding here but not too bad.