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Sunday, January 07, 2007

What a week!

January 1 - New Year's was good to be home!
January 2 - Preparing to go back to school. I called the lawyer's office about Valley View. We are still waiting for papers to get ready!
January 3 - Back to school. There was a 7:45 meeting before school...and I was given a Hawks Hooray from Dr. Johnson! It was a good way to begin the day/week.
January 4 - Wrestling meet in Chester! Somehow there were no concessions. I'll have to see what we can do about that next year. Perhaps we need a Wrestling Boosters group to help run it?
January 5 - Wrestlers went to Cut Bank. Rick went up to watch.
January 6 - Speech/Debate bus left at 3:45 and Delaney was on that bus. Garrett was on the wrestlers bus that left at 6:15 for Browning. I went up there to watch, but the roads coming were ugly coming back. The weather was snowing and blowing...ick!
January 7 - The kids and I came home in the morning. It has been a laundry and clean house day...and now it is a pack for the week back in town. Wow.

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Jane said...

Busy week! Congratulations on your "Hawks Hooray" - I'm sure that is a good thing!