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Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy 2007!

Tis the season for some here we go!

1. Blog more, I would like to say blog daily, but being realistic, I'll aim for weekly!
2. Log more, meaning keep a daily diary-type thingie, be it online or otherwise
3. Organize my world!
4. Create and Share those creations either online or in reality...golly, I am even going to keep a few of them...but I'll share visually!
5. Enjoy! I'm planning on saying no to the things/events in my life I really don't need for positive karma. Okay, I know I'll have some bummer type events (mandatory meetings and such) but if I'm knitting or coloring images I COULD be enjoying something!

And lastly....6. Tell the important people in my life how important they is too fragile to be taken for granted!

Happy New Year!

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