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Monday, June 20, 2016

The Wedding of Garrett and Sasha Wickum - June 18, 2016

Just a note on the Red Heart. Consti (which I'm certain I have spelled incorrectly, BUT is correct phonetically) and Roman shared this German tradition with Sasha & Garrett. The bride and groom were each given a small pair of scissors. Their goal was to be the first to cut around there part of the heart...I'm not quite certain what the prize is for winning...but hey, it is a competition, so winning is what matters! Okay, after the heart is cut out, then Garrett is to carry Sasha through the heart...sort of like our carry over the threshold custom. It was pretty cool. You may notice some sunflower pompoms in the photos...thankfully, you couldn't hear this mom shouting encouragements! Okay...I found that Ledge is a budding these are his contribution to the festivities. James & Patty will understand! I also have to admit that I only uploaded 1 of the 3 extreme closeups which occurred before I could reclaim my camera. Ya gotta love Ledge!

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