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Friday, May 07, 2010

A new term at Hogwarts begins!

I'll be adding onto this post as the term progresses!

All six classes!

Ancient Runes:



OWL #1

History of Magic - While stalking Abycat, 3rd year Slytherin, I ended up following her into the Chamber of Secrets. I was hidden behind the rock statues of the chamber when she found her small sample of Basilisk skin, but the glory that was found after she left is what I present for my homework. The dark magical creatures which inhabited the space since Harry rescued Ginny followed my Slytherin friend as she left with her prize. This left me able to creep deeper into the chamber where I found this large portion of the shed of the Basilisk. Thank goodness for the help of my friends and for the lessons taught here at Hogwarts!

Charms - Draconifors

Literary Swap

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