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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Traveling Shawl In Montana

I knit in honor of my sister-in-law, Tonia. She is a courageous warrior as she continues her radiation, the final stages of her battle against Breast Cancer. She is a hero.

In true western tradition, I took the Shawl with me as we took our cattle to their summer pasture which looks at the North Eastern side of Glacier National Park. Sorry...the cows are behind me...I wasn't about to get this beauty dirty!

Highway 2 travels East to West across the Montana area called the Hi Line. (Chester calls itself the Heart of the Hi Line.) These shots are taken at Marias Pass, which is almost 1 mile about sea level. In the background you looking North at Glacier National Park.

My goal for this day was to have the shawl shared in an article...which did happen! Alas, I don't have the link as it was a pdf file...but I hope to have a link or photos from that article later. Until then, here is a photo of the shawl at the Kalispell, MT WWKIP.

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