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Friday, February 29, 2008

February 29, 2008

What a special day this has turned out to be. Thre is only one time a young man gets his first vehicle...and this is the day. This photo shows Garrett on the Whitlash Road on the way home to the farm. Bell Motors delivered the pickup to us in Chester, which was very nice as Rick was watching the cows (it is calving season).

Delaney road home with her brother, and they waited for me to follow along and take this photo with East Butte, part of the Sweetgrass Hills, as their backdrop. (BTW, that is where we got our Christmas tree.)

Oh, and while I am being excited about fun events, I have to let y'all know I was a part of a 'Stitch n *itch' on Thursday in Chester! (Hi Katie!) It was way more fun to talk yarn, patterns, and ball winders than it was to correct papers or do lesson plans. I did get to see a Chevron Scarf in person...and as it is in my queue, I was very interested. Yep, that was so much fun I can hardly wait to do it again! I finished these socks just a few days ago...but I took awhile to upload. I'm binding off Ethan's last sock tonight...and the small Calgary Flame logo will be coming soon. What a good day!

What a special day this is.

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Katia said...

Hi back! Congrats on binding off the last of the sock! Talking yarn, patterns, ballwinders, etc. is also way more fun than laundry! :-) Speaking of, reminds me, I gotta go stick my socks in to soak.