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Thursday, November 09, 2006

A Lap-Robe for my Daddy

With my Mom as the model. This blanket is full of healing wishes and prayers. See, Dad ended up in Saint Patricks Hospital in Missoula on October 28th. He awoke in pain, and then waited for my Mom to wake up. She loaded him into the pickup and drove to Missoula...about 60 miles to the south. Dad has been living with an anurism for over 5 years. During all this time, we were hoping he would gain strength and be able to have surgery to fix the problem, but we were told he probably wouldn't make it through that sugery. Dad ran out of waiting time on the 28th. He did survive the surgery, went to ICU, where I met my parents on that Saturday. He was gaining ground when I left to come home and pass out Halloween candy...October 31.

Dad was moved up to the fourth floor, so on November 4th I headed back over to see my Dad so we could celebrate his recovery. I started this lap robe the Friday evening before heading over. Once I arrived, Dad seemed to be deep in thought...or into the football game. Within 3 hours, he was in respiratory trama...which means they call for a trama team to rush him to ICU again. The more nervous I was, the faster I knit. I finished this robe using sized 13 needles, and two strands of Red Heart yarn. It is in SeaHawk colors...and that is Dad's team.

Dad is still in ICU, but he should be getting out of there soon...I'll gratefully accept all prayers for him and Mom...They are just too special and ready to celebrate 49 years together!

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Anonymous said...

Hoping for a positive update soon! My thoughts are with you...