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Friday, October 27, 2006

Back from Billings

Our state has an annual meeting for the Educators of Montana. This year's conference was in Billings...about a 300 mile trek through deer country. As we had an early out day last Wednesday, my fellow math teacher and I loaded my pickup with our bags (and his bike) so that we could join the other teachers heading south. I took some beautiful yarn I had received from LaVerna so that I could use it for a pair of mittens. I found a gorgeous new yarn store while I was there, but I"m not sure if the Wild Purl has a web site yet. It was heavenly to touch the many fibers...and the display of colors was worth dodging the deer. I will have to go back! While I was at the Wild Purl, I picked up some Cascade 220 to match the mitten yarn...and now I have a matching hat! These are finished just in time for me to go to the football team's playoff game tomorrow. Now if I can only find a new teal coat...I'll keep looking! Oh, the pic of the hat and mittens will be coming shortly.

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