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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Funky Knitting and Algebra

This scarf is an algebra problem to wear on your neck! It is knit from side to side, with increases every other row. If I begin with x number of stitches and increase every other stitch on every other row...what would be an expression to help us solve how many stitches we would have after 9 rows?


bethc said...

That's a good one! And if we make a graph of the number of stitches what will it look like? What happens if we increase every 3 stitches, every 3 rows? What about every n stitches, every n rows... the possibilities are endless!!

dobarah said...

Oh girl, I love your enthusiasm! Some of my students are pondering the same types of questions, but I can tell I have a ways to go before they are truely exicted. You are right, the possiblilities are endless!

Deb Brown said...

I just love this scarf!

It is beautiful!


Stephanie... said...

1. I love the scarf
2. While we're on this subject can you please do a flow chart of this pattern, solve and backtrack it and then tell me what it is so I can tell my 11-year-old??--Stephanie of Whodunknit?

Fiadhnat said...

Duh, do I have to understand algebra to knit? No, but maybe I would if I were to design. Meantime I can follow a pattern and enjoy knitting the fruits of other peoples mathematical genius!
Fia-knit, Whoduknit.

TeAntae said...

Very nice! And I love that it's a math equation to boot. I have a pattern somewhere for a beaded necklace/bracelet that is done in a similar fashion.

What a way to learn! =)